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Activities in Chandigarh

Chandigarh – Capital of Punjab

We woke up quite early and met up in the lobby eager to get going.  There was a 14 seater mini-bus waiting for us outside, and as it turns out that was perfect as there were 14 of us.  We took off for Chandigarh and what an adventure it was.  We quickly learned the rules of Indian inter-city driving…  basically there are no rules!  Well… maybe one, don’t crash head on with the oncoming traffic.

About 1000 “close calls” later we arrived in Chandigarh which is India’s one of the very few planned cities.  This is right away apparent in the grid type roads which all intersect at 90 degree angles, and each intersection is a roundabout.  Our first stop was the rock garden.   More about this here: and here:

The rock garden was amazing, and we spent many hours there.  Here are some pictures:



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After the rock garden we were famished, so we headed to the lake for lunch in a lakefront restaurant.  We had some very tasty authentic Indian and non-authentic Chinese food.  It was getting late so we had to head back, but not before a quick stop at the rose garden, which is apparently the largest one in the world.  Unfortunately the season isn’t quite right so it was a nice walk in the park.  We returned to the hotel and discussed plans for the next day when we would have the kick off with our clients.