The Great Big Party

This morning the girls and guys split up to go shopping.  Seems like the guys did more!!  We went to the scarf place (Jay Jay’s Shawls) and then to Ghumar Mandi for some shopping.  After that it was Fabindia to purchase some Kurtis and Indian clothes.  We got caught in a rain storm but luckily found an auto rickshaw to take us back to the hotel.  After coming back a few of the guys went to get spices and turbans for tonight’s celebrations.  The turbans took longer than we thought, but it was worth the time.  Coming back to the hotel all the staff were giving us thumbs up and high fives, and all the locals give us lots of smiles.


P1040114 P1040116 P1040126P1040151P1040131P1040122 P1040120

We have 2 bachelors who are getting married in a few months (Bernardo and Cristian) and also two birthday boys who have their birthday in February (Kazu and Pierre).  We combined the parties into one big one, and what a party it was.  We went to Baba’s Chicken, then back to the hotel, had a few drinks, and went to Neptune – the Hotel Lounge.


There we had a cake with our team photo on it thanks to Cathy, a few drinks, and Jaspreet showed us some really cool Michael Jackson moves in dancing.  After all that fun we went back up to 711.



We managed to sneak a game of truth or dare into the mix, which was quite entertaining.  I must confess that out team is just amazing.  Not sure if all the CSC teams get perfectly matched like this, but we certainly did.  Every single person is included in the activities and we have an amazing time together.  GO INDIA CSC 22 TEAM!

The dare for Anneliese was to go and crash an Indian wedding!!  Which is exactly what  we did (as there is a wedding almost every day at the hotel).   We went down and entered the room, it turned out they loved having us there!  We danced and sang to the English songs that the DJ played.   We showed off our Banghra moves and partied it up like the locals!!   A great time was had by all.

Tomorrow … work catch up day for most of us… and shopping for the girls as they did not get enough today 🙂

Catch up Sunday

Today we all slept in for the first time in many weeks.  In the morning team members were catching up on blogs and on some work.  Part of the group went to do some more shopping.  In the afternoon Jaspreet came over to copy some pictures and also watch a bit of the India / Pakistan cricket game.  In the late afternoon some of the team members went for another Banghra lesson.

This evening I planned out a part of my post CSC trip in India.  I will be going to Agra (Taj Mahal), Jaipur and Varenasi with Kazu and Aneliesse.  We will meet up with Cathy and her husband in Varanasi also.  After that flying to Mumbai with Aneliesse and meeting up with Shruti, Dimitri and his friend.  That’s as far as the plans go now.  After Mumbai it will most likely be Nepal.

Second last day in Ludhiana Bharti Office and Dinner with Swabhimaan

Early rise and to the office (only two of the three as Bernardo was not feeling well).  We were hoping to do our “almost final” presentation to the local office on Wednesday, but it turned out that the schedule was accelerated a bit and we had to do it today.  It obviously was not done, but we showed what we had so far and the presentation went well.  We worked till the end of the day at which time we had a surprise.  Since Mr. Pankaj (one of the key people who was working with us) was going away that evening for a few days they threw us a mini good-bye party in the cafeteria.

There were very touching speeches from the office friends we have made over the weeks, which made us feel really thankful for the opportunity we had to share this experience.  We had delicious cake, and we also received very nice framed pictures of the golden temple.  Unfortunately Bernardo wasn’t here to see it but I recorded it for him.

After work we picked up some flowers, juice, and chocolate covered fruit and headed for dinner to the residence of Mr. Kumar (Swabhimaan).  The trip there was an adventure, the auto-rickshaw driver (as usual) missed the neighborhood completely, and when we finally steered him to it he raced around not even trying to find the number.  By the way the numbers here are crazy.  There is a neighborhood, no street names though, and there are numbers which don’t seem to follow a steady pattern.  They can be going up on one side of the street, then down on the other, and sometimes the numbers will just “randomly” turn into a street…sometimes left, sometimes right.


P1040168 P1040167


The dinner was delicious and the host very gracious.  After dinner some people sang, and then we took pictures and went back to the hotel.

Last day with the whole India 22 CSC team

We got to the office in the morning.  We had 4 big gift bags of gifts for the four schools we visited and also many small ones for our friends at the office.  I picked up pictures we had left for printing the day before as well.  The whole day was spent hard at work, we barely had time for lunch.  At the end of the day we invited everyone to the cafeteria and thanked everyone and presented them with bags which had mostly souvenirs from the countries we came from (Brazil, Canada, Italy).  We once again thanked everyone and were in turn thanked, and we departed the office for the last time.

P1040177 P1040176 P1040173 P1040172

In the evening we were invited by the hotel manager, Mr. Ram Kaushik for drinks at the Neptune lounge on the 6th floor, and after that for dinner at the hotel restaurant.  We got to meet the heads of the hotel departments and thank them very much for such great service during our stay.

P1040194 P1040191 P1040187 P1040186

After the restaurant we had a debrief session with Shruti (Pyxera) and got to share some very valuable and honest feedback about the logistics, the assignments, Ludhiana, and generally everything related to our CSC adventure.  It was a late night and we went to sleep after 1am.  Tomorrow we depart for Gurgoan.

Departing Ludhiana for Gurgaon

This morning the Bharti Team had a meeting at the hotel with Mr. Antony Nellissery, General Manager of the Primary School Program.  Since he would not be at our final presentation he wanted a chance to meet with us to discuss our findings.  We spent over an hour discussing the project and getting very valuable feedback as well.  During lunch it was time to pack.  I met Mr. Ram again and got to say goodbye.  We got ready, paid our bills with the hotel (for laundry, room service, etc.) and continued working until our car arrived.  Shruti and Kazu saw us off as they were at the hotel, and Jaspreet accompanied us to the train station.  We ended up being on the same train as the CEO of Bharti Foundation and the VP as they were travelling back from Ludhiana as well.  The train ride was long and quite bumpy.  We worked on the presentation and the project almost all the way through.

2014-03-05 16.15.42 2014-03-05 16.54.53 2014-03-05 19.00.57 2014-03-05 19.54.05 2014-03-05 19.55.38

In Delhi we were picked up by the hotel driver and driven to Gurgaon.  Tomorrow we get to see the head office.

Bharti Foundation Visit

This morning we woke up after a lot of work on the presentation last night.  The hotel car took us to the Airtel bulding to drop us off at the Bharti Foundation office.  The building is very modern and extremely well designed with lots of green spaces and natural light.

2014-03-07 13.34.14

2014-03-06 17.03.53 2014-03-06 10.10.02

At the office we were escorted to the meeting room and prepared for our presentation.  We were overwhelmed at the interest our work generated.  The meeting room was full and with each point we presented there were lots of questions, lots of discussion, smiles and great feedback.   The meeting ended up being until almost 5pm.

2014-03-06 16.53.05 2014-03-06 16.50.59 2014-03-06 16.50.29 2014-03-06 10.16.40

After that we headed back to the hotel and worked on our presentation to update it based on the feedback we received that day.   Tomorrow we present to the CEO and VP.

Presentation to Mr. Vijay Chadda – CEO of Bharti Foundation

This morning at our hotel we met up with Ms. Mamtha Sharma – Head of CSR India and headed to the Bharti Foundation office for a meeting with the CEO Mr. Vijay Chadda, and the VP Ms. Mamta Saikia. It turns out the Mr. Vijay has been in Toronto before for some time, so he is familiar with the it and we chatted about it a bit. Then we got right into our scaled down presentation so that we can finish in around an hour. We managed to and the meeting went very well. Everyone we have met at Bharti Foundation has been very professional and a pleasure to work with. This presentation was the final part of our project…. almost. Since we kept making adjustments to the final presentation and received tons of great feedback up to the last day we still have to adjust our overall project document and provide it along with the presentations. Hopefully we will be able to get this done in the next few days. Bernardo is flying out today, and Alessandra tomorrow morning. We had lunch at the office, then said our good byes to the Bharti team and Ms. Mamtha and departed for Bloomrooms in Delhi.

P1040198 P1040197 P1040195

We arrived there, checked in, and went to Dilli Haat (an outdoor market) so that Bernardo and Alessandra can get some last minute shopping done. On the way back we took the metro!! It was really nice although somewhat crowded.

P1040203 P1040200 P1040199

Once back at Bloomrooms we waited for the rest of the team to arrive from Ludhiana. The arrived around 11pm and we all had a celebratory final drink on the terrace said our final goodbye to Bernardo and Eduardo who left for the airport, and to Alessandra, Pierre and Cristian and Shruti who were leaving very early next morning.  The rest of us stayed as we will be doing some touring. We will all meet up at points, and hopefully maybe even Peter.

We Call it The Taj

This morning our driver was at the hotel to pick us up at 9am.  We had a quick breakfast before that and filled out a really really long survey about Indian tourism advertising… only problem, we have been in a non tourist place and did not watch any tv or see any advertising.

After breakfast Annalise, Kazu, Lucas and I departed for Agra.  We arrived around 1pm and went for lunch to a slightly overpriced restaurant.  After that we checked into the hotel and headed to see the Agra Fort which was beautiful.  We had a guide arranged by our driver.

P1040277 P1040269 P1040266 P1040265 P1040235 P1040227 P1040210 P1040207

After the fort we went to pick up Lucas who had to stay back and skip Agra Fort as he had some work to do, and we headed to the Taj Mahal for sunset.  After getting in the view was amazing.  It was just breathtaking!!!


We stayed until the sunset and then headed back to the hotel with a few detours, one at a marble factory, the other at a rug factory – both “conveniently” arranged by our guide.  Upon returning to the hotel we met up with Dimitri and his friend Wu, and we had dinner at the hotel restaurant.  We were exhausted by the whole day and went to sleep as next morning… Taj Mahal at sunrise!


Taj Mahal/ Fatehpur Sikri / Jaipur

Up at 5:15am, out at 5:45am, in line at the Taj Mahal at 6:30am.   And all well worth it.  The sunrise was beautiful and the Taj looked surreal, so very peaceful, grand, and majestic.  There were fewer people than the day before since it was early.  We took around 2 hours to see it all again, and then headed for breakfast.

P1040377 P1040383 P1040404 P1040408 P1040425 P1040431 P1040440 P1040445 P1040449 P1040450 P1040462 P1040470 P1040474 P1040480

After breakfast we packed up, headed towards Jaipur with a stop at Fatehpur Sikri.

P1040506 P1040514 P1040519 P1040522 P1040525 P1040536


After we continued toward Jaipur with a stop at an overpriced restaurant again for lunch.  No more restaurants recommended by our driver J.  We got to Jaipur and checked in to Sunder Palace Guesthouse – which is a treat.  It is very clean, spacious, and well situated.  We had a great dinner on the rooftop terrace, caught up a bit on blogs, and now are ready to go to bed and rest up for a long day tomorrow.

P1040545 P1040541 P1040539


Here is a link to a web album with more pictures: