Back to Delhi

It turns our that Holi is on the 16th in Kathmandu, and on the 17th in Delhi.  My last full day in Kathmandu (Monday) I spent mostly walking around the town, dropping off laundry, sending postcards, etc.  I met up with Cathy and Rick and their friends who are originally from Quebec City for dinner and we enjoyed a few beers back at their hotel restaurant.

Tuesday morning I picked up the laundry (and later discovered that I got some extra pairs of socks and a tshirt which is not mine), packed up and left for the airport.

Back in Delhi I met up with Anneliese and Wu for dinner, also picked up my train tickets for Jaisalmer, and booked a hotel.  Anneliese left for the airport in the evening, and Wu is flying out the next morning.  Starting today I am a solo traveler.

Tomorrow I depart for Jaisalmer on an overnight train and I come back on Sunday also on an overnight train.  Desert and camels, here I come!

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