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Bharti Foundation Visit

This morning we woke up after a lot of work on the presentation last night.  The hotel car took us to the Airtel bulding to drop us off at the Bharti Foundation office.  The building is very modern and extremely well designed with lots of green spaces and natural light.

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2014-03-06 17.03.53 2014-03-06 10.10.02

At the office we were escorted to the meeting room and prepared for our presentation.  We were overwhelmed at the interest our work generated.  The meeting room was full and with each point we presented there were lots of questions, lots of discussion, smiles and great feedback.   The meeting ended up being until almost 5pm.

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After that we headed back to the hotel and worked on our presentation to update it based on the feedback we received that day.   Tomorrow we present to the CEO and VP.

Presentation to Mr. Vijay Chadda – CEO of Bharti Foundation

This morning at our hotel we met up with Ms. Mamtha Sharma – Head of CSR India and headed to the Bharti Foundation office for a meeting with the CEO Mr. Vijay Chadda, and the VP Ms. Mamta Saikia. It turns out the Mr. Vijay has been in Toronto before for some time, so he is familiar with the it and we chatted about it a bit. Then we got right into our scaled down presentation so that we can finish in around an hour. We managed to and the meeting went very well. Everyone we have met at Bharti Foundation has been very professional and a pleasure to work with. This presentation was the final part of our project…. almost. Since we kept making adjustments to the final presentation and received tons of great feedback up to the last day we still have to adjust our overall project document and provide it along with the presentations. Hopefully we will be able to get this done in the next few days. Bernardo is flying out today, and Alessandra tomorrow morning. We had lunch at the office, then said our good byes to the Bharti team and Ms. Mamtha and departed for Bloomrooms in Delhi.

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We arrived there, checked in, and went to Dilli Haat (an outdoor market) so that Bernardo and Alessandra can get some last minute shopping done. On the way back we took the metro!! It was really nice although somewhat crowded.

P1040203 P1040200 P1040199

Once back at Bloomrooms we waited for the rest of the team to arrive from Ludhiana. The arrived around 11pm and we all had a celebratory final drink on the terrace said our final goodbye to Bernardo and Eduardo who left for the airport, and to Alessandra, Pierre and Cristian and Shruti who were leaving very early next morning.  The rest of us stayed as we will be doing some touring. We will all meet up at points, and hopefully maybe even Peter.