The Beauty of Himachal Predesh

We got up early for an 8:30am breakfast.  We ate fast, packed, settled our bill at the hotel and departed for the rail station with a short stop at the post office.  We were taking the Shimla-Kalka train about half the way (3 hour journey).  Our van drivers were asked to pick us up in Solan when the train arrives there.  It turned out that we were split into 4 groups in 4 different coaches, but that was ok.  We boarded and train and departed for a spectacular ride through the Himalayan mountains.  The pictures speak for themselves.

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Himalayan Train Ride –

Himalayan Trian Ride –

Train –

On the way back we stopped at Domino’s pizza, and then continued our way back to Ludhiana.

P1030898 P1030897 P1030896 P1030895 P1030894

During the end of the trip the gold medal hockey game between Canada and Sweden was ongoing.  We were tracking it on the phone, however when we returned to the hotel the ending of 3rd period was on the TV!!   We go to watch Canada win the gold medal in mens hockey!!  GO CANADA GO!!!


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