Ludhiana West School Visits

Today we went to Ludhiana West to visit schools with Mr. Parveen Dogra (District Coordinator).   We visited Bhaini-Arian and Malsian Bajan.  Both those schools are in very rural areas and the drive was quite scenic.

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We had a chance to observe the teachers in action.  We sat in on 4 different classes and also spoke with the teachers, cluster coordinator, and head teachers.

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2014-02-20 11.24.17 2014-02-20 09.52.43
P1030661 P1030675

It was a very informative day for us and we returned to the hotel to change and head of to Jaspreet’s home for an authentic Indian meal.  We had a fun time trying to explain to the auto-rickshaw driver how to get there.  We were welcomed very warmly by Jaspreet’s parents and offered some appetizers.

P1030730 P1030720 2014-02-20 20.28.56

Then we watched half of a Ballywood movie “Dil Chahta Hai” which was very funny.

2014-02-20 19.51.44


Next we had dinner which was delicious, and we were absolutely stuffed.

P1030744 P1030738 2014-02-20 21.17.22

P1030746 P1030747 P1030751

After that great meal we headed back to the hotel for the night.



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