Keep Calm and Bhangra On

This morning we went into the Bharti Foundation office for some further work on the project.  On the way to lunch we saw a very funny Ambulance as it was smaller than a mid-sized car.


We got a lot done at the office but were running into issues with the firewalls (a lot of things are blocked at the office) so we discussed working from the hotel on Thursday and Friday since part of our proposed solution needed to be researched on-line on sites we could not get to.

After work we got to try some of Pierre’s birthday cake that the hotel left for him in the morning, and I organized my “from Canada” pile of souvenirs I brought for the kids and for our clients.

P1030915 P1030921

After that it was Bhangra night!!!   Today we had a “Bollywood” dancing lesson scheduled at Footloose.  It was quite a bit more complicated then we assumed, but as a team we somehow managed.  I must say that our CSC team is so incredibly well matched that I cannot imagine another team being the same.  Maybe it’s just what every CSC team feels, but definitely we are all on the same page 99% of the time (which does not often happen with a team of 12!!).

P1030925 P1030929 P1030936 P1030939 P1030941

After Bhangra we went for dinner to a south Indian restaurant at the Hyatt Regency.  The food was good, but different from the Punjabi food we have been experiencing up until now.

P1030948 P1030949 P1030954 P1030956 P1030958

After a long day we were glad to be back at the hotel and get some much needed sleep.

The Great Storm

This morning we worked from the hotel.  Since it was a holiday there were two other teams working from the hotel as well.

P1030976 P1030975

Maha Shivratri, the night of the worship of Lord Shiva, occurs on the 14th night of the new moon during the dark half of the month of Phalguna. It falls on a moonless February night, when Hindus offer special prayer to the lord of destruction. Shivratri (Sanskrit ‘ratri’ = night) is the night when he is said to have performed the Tandava Nritya or the dance of primordial creation, preservation and destruction. The festival is observed for one day and one night only.

Due to this holiday we went to the Hindu temple to observe the ceremonies.  The decorations were simply amazing and there were tons of people.

P1030962 P1030965 P1030966 P1030972


As the holiday is tied in with the “lord of destruction” we found it very fitting to be caught in one of the worst hail storms that Ludhiana has ever experienced.  On the way back we drove in an auto-rickshaw through a river of water and ice all the way back to the hotel.  We were very happy that we did not get stuck in a total flood, and that the vehicle we were in did not die.



Another great day full of experiences in Ludhiana.  

Community Service Day

Today was our community service day.  The entire IBM CSC India 22 team headed over to Swabhimaan school to run a half day activity for the school children which included activities in English, memory games, physical education games, problem solving, and general education.  We arrived at the school and divided all the children into teams.  Then team by team the students went to different stations to complete an activity where they would get a stamp for completing it.  At the end they were all rewarded with certificates and lollipops for their great efforts.  They were very excited to have us there, and had a great time with my camera which I allowed them to use to take some pictures until the battery died.

P1040100 P1040098 P1040082 P1040071 P1040059 P1040051 P1040043 P1040035 P1040031 P1040025 P1040024 P1040012 P1040005 P1040001 P1030997 P1030995 P1030991 P1030983 P1030980 P1030979After the community service we were taken for a late lunch, and then continued working at the hotel until quite late.   After 8:30pm the team split up with some going to the local food spot across the street and some going to Brewmaster.

2014-02-28 21.31.36 2014-02-28 21.32.03 2014-02-28 21.50.22